3D 360º Digital Twin

An Overview

Now open your property doors for people to visit it remotely

We provide you your property's 3D 360º interactive digital twin, which gives a truly immersive experience that feels next to actually visiting it. We use the world leading AI technology Matterport to bring the real world on your screen.

Industries Benefiting the Most

Real Estate is one of the top industries benefiting from this tech the most

Standout; enhance business; get rid of hassles of arranging visits, clicking & sharing property pictures. Boast an unparellel and unmatched 24x7x365 virtual presence of your brand & your properties

Bring people into your retail outlet virtually, sell using e-tags linked to product e-commerce webpage

Get the ability to open your showroom or retail shop all the time where buyers can roam around, checkout your products and even purchase them by clicking on shopping links attached to your products' e-tags

Facility management is now easy & much more efficiently with this ground breaking technology

A dataset of your building for surveys, fault detection information, a to z dimensions of every single thing in the property and many other facility management related information at your disposal

The most powerful tool to promote all branches of Hospitality Industry

Hotels, restaurants, caterers, resorts, banquet halls & event management companies around the world are showcasing digital twins of their properties where clients visit and see what it feels like to be there before making a booking or a plan to visit

3D Property Scanning assists Construction & Renovation professionals well

3D modeling proves to be a gem for civil engineers, structural engineers, architects & construction contractors with powerful tools for progress reporting & comparison, CAD, BIM, DXF/DWG outputs, schematic floorplans & a lot more

Users find it easy to opt a co-working place with a virtual tour

Co-working place owners display the options & features offered to let prospective customers know how does it feel & what is there on the offering

Virtual tour of your Office Space depicts the business that happens in it

It helps attracting new associations for the business; new telant looking to be hired get an idea of what its going to be like working here

Educational Institutions' campuses and facilities detailed in a virtual prospectus

Students looking for admissions in Schools, Colleges or Coaching Centers get a better understanding of the campus and classrooms

Attract prospective customers to your automobile agency with state of the art virtual showroom

People looking to purchase vehicles now do not need to go and visit showrooms of the brand they love, to shortlist on brands and dealers they simply checkout the vehicles' 360 tours

This technology simplies the overall feel of a Healthcare unit

Patients of Hospitals & Clinics get to see the most realistic representation possible, they feel more confident and more likely to take an appointment

Fitness & Wellness centers portray their facilities and equipment to the best

Gyms, Spa Centers & Salons transfer the visual experience to the customer's home which in turn makes it more likely for them to book the appointment or subscription

The best way to teleport the experience of visualising the Artwork

360º virtual touring compliments the Artwork galleries, hobby studios & museums in a way which can not be compared to any other medium. It delivers the essence of the artwork to the viewers' eyes

Insurance claims made more clear & fair making them an easy task for all involved sides

All parties related to insurance sector, may it be an insurance company, a surveyor or their clients, this tech gives them an accurate picture of the scene of disastor or accident, with records accurate to a centimeter